University of New South Wales

UNSW Law is a leader in legal education in Australia. Founded in 1971, UNSW Law School leads and inspires change through public engagement, mutual respect and an inclusive sense of community. It has enabled more than 10,000 graduates to apply a rigorous, socially-responsible legal education to a diversity of careers.

UNSW Law School has a very distinctive character, inspired by our founding vision of legal education committed to law as a service profession, dedicated to fundamental principles of the rule of law and justice for all.

Student Law Notes offers detailed audio case notes of case studies for students studying with UNSW Law in courses such as:

  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Engineering /Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Social Science/Bachelor of Laws