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Corporations Power

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Fencott v Muller (1983) 152 CLR 570 Strickland v Rocla Concrete Pipes (“Concrete Pipes Case”) (1971) 124 CLR Actors and Announcers Equity Association of Australia v Fontana Films (“Actors Equity Case”) (1982) 150 CLR 169 R v Australian Industrial Court: ex parte C L M Holdings (1977) 136 CLR 235 Re Dingjan; ex parte Wagner (“Dingjan's Case”) (1995) 183 CLR 323 New South Wales v Commonwealth (“Incorporation Case”) (1990) 169 CLR 482 R v Federal Court of Australia: ex parte Western Australian National Football League (“Adamson's Case”) (1979) 143 CLR 190 Commonwealth v Tasmania (“Tasmanian Dam Case”) (1983) 158 CLR 1 New South Wales v Commonwealth; Western Australia v Commonwealth (2006) 229 CLR 1 (“Work Choices Case”) Bank of New South Wales v Commonwealth (1948) 76 CLR 1 State Superannuation Board v Trade Practices Commission (1982) 150 CLR 282
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